Here you can see some examples for my video work and information to the movies!

North [es]cape is my first big travelling documentary from a roadtrip to the northcape.


North [es]cape is a travelling documentary in german language. I made it for some cinemas in germany and maybe it will be online in future. 

I worked around 1 year on the movie included cutting, colorgrading, sound optimizing, designing the poster. 


Facts to the tour: 

- The whole tour was around 8700km.


- I made it in 3 weeks. The costs are around 2000€ to 2500€, included fuel and food.

-I travelled 2 weeks with a friend and one week alone. 

Movie equipment:

-Sony Alpha 7II

-DJI Mavic Pro

-GoPro Hero 4 Black

-Feiyu Tech MG V2 Gimbal

Facts to the camper and me:

I bought this camper around 3 years ago from a normal car seller. I had to work a lot on it because many parts were broke. Now it works well but the work on it will never be done. Everytime I do a trip I recognize other things that can be done.

The price for a camper like this starts from 6000€ to 15000€.

Mine is a Peugeot J5 from 1991 with a 2.5 liters turbodiesel engine with 95PS. It uses around 12 liters of diesel for 100km. 

I travel all seasons. The camper has a heater that works with gas and I will build one inside that also runs with diesel.